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About You

You’re a busy wedding photographer.  You’d much rather be shooting than editing, but you always feel like you’re backlogged.  You need support with your workflow, but you’re not sure if outsourcing will be able to match your unique style.  Sound about right?

Hi, I’m Andrew.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over seven years, so I know how much effort goes into your photo editing workflow. I’m here to help you spend more time with your camera and less time in front of your computer.

What I Do

Your style is unique, and nobody can edit your photos exactly like you.  That’s why I don’t promise to match your style precisely.  Instead, I handle the basics (colour correction, exposure, contrast, subtle sharpening, and subtle noise reduction), to save you time and allow you to focus on adding your unique touch.

How it Works


When you sign up, you’ll receive access to a shared Dropbox folder for transferring your files.


When you’re ready for editing, select all the image files and export a Lightroom Catalog of Smart Previews into  your shared RAW folder in DropBox.


When your edited photos are ready, import the changes from the edited Lightroom Catalog in your shared DONE folder in DropBox.

Standard Edits $0.25 USD

per file, plus applicable taxes


Custom Edits $0.40 USD

per file, plus applicable taxes