Author: Andrew Clauson

07 Sep Courtney + Benn

Courtney's family and my family have a good deal of history; our moms actually went to high school together!  So of course I was beyond honoured to be asked to photograph Courtney  Benn's wedding. Courtney + Benn did a 'first look' before their ceremony at the...

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16 Aug Robyn + Sean-Mike

Okay, picture this: So we're spending a relaxing morning on the beach in Maui after Kelly + Dave's wedding last year.  Robyn + Sean-Mike casually stroll up, set up their beach mats, sit down, and proceed to join in the relaxing.  No big deal, just another...

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10 Aug Kelsey + Chris

Kelsey + Chris are moving to Waterloo, ON in a few days, where Kelsey will be going to optometry school.  So this post is a bit of a going away present for them!  Kelsey + Chris met working for Student Works Painting - they were...

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