When Will I Receive My Wedding Photos?

Vancouver wedding photos turnaround time

01 Oct When Will I Receive My Wedding Photos?



My clients often thank me for delivering their wedding photos so quickly.  I used to find this surprising, because I believe that as a professional wedding photographer, it’s my job to commit to a delivery timeline and stick to it.  After all, your wedding photos are a big deal, and you shouldn’t have to wait forever.

But the thing is, many couples do seem to wait forever to receive their wedding photos.   There’s the friend who’s been waiting 8 months for their wedding photos.  Or the family member who hasn’t heard anything from their photographer since their wedding.  Or the co-worker who met with several wedding photographers, none of whom would commit to how long it would take to deliver their wedding photos.  Sound familiar?

Let’s face it.  Waiting sucks, and the only thing that sucks more is not knowing how much longer you’ll have to wait.


I’ll deliver your wedding photos within three weeks of your wedding.  It’s that simple.  

And I can prove it.

Because I’m a huge nerd, I track everything I do in my wedding photography business very carefully.  Yes, I get to analyze lots of data and spreadsheets, but it’s a big part of making things better for my clients.

Some of the data I track includes how many photos my clients receive, and how long it takes me to deliver them.  You can see how I perform in this chart, but basically, it shows that over the past six wedding seasons, I’ve delivered more wedding photos to my clients in a shorter amount of time.  That’s good news for you.

Vancouver wedding photos turnaround time


So, when you meet with a professional wedding photographer as you plan your wedding, be sure to ask them how long it will take them to deliver your wedding photos.  A true professional should be able to give you a concrete deadline, and they should be able to back it up.

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