Vancouver Wedding Photographer Keeps Your Photos Safe

Vancouver wedding photographer keeps your photos safe

29 Aug Vancouver Wedding Photographer Keeps Your Photos Safe

Now that’s a news headline I’d love to read.

Unfortunately, every wedding season in Vancouver, I hear horror stories like this, this, and this of wedding photographers losing their clients’ wedding photos. As a Vancouver wedding photographer, this is my worst nightmare, and my heart breaks for the couples in these situations.

But what’s really frustrating about these situations is that most of the time, they’re totally preventable. If these wedding photographers had paid closer attention to their equipment, or if they’d backed up their camera memory cards or computer hard drives properly, these situations would never have happened. These are situations that you as a couple shouldn’t have to worry about, because a truly professional wedding photographer will have strong processes and systems in place to prevent them.

When you meet with me for a consultation during your search for a Vancouver wedding photographer, we’ll spend several minutes discussing how I’ll keep your wedding photos safe. I’ll explain how my camera memory cards will never leave my sight during your wedding, so I know they won’t get lost or damaged. We’ll go over how I download and back up all memory cards as soon as I get home from your wedding, to make sure I have multiple copies of your images, just in case. And I’ll describe how my computer system runs automatic backups every day to protect your photos while I’m editing them. This discussion might not be as exciting as photo session locations or your wedding album options, but it’s so important to give you peace of mind.

As your Vancouver wedding photographer, it’s my job to worry about keeping your wedding photos safe, so you don’t have to.

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