The Grand Canyon

A classic image of the Grand Canyon's South Rim in Arizona by Andrew Clauson

11 Aug The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 0001Grand Canyon 0002Grand Canyon 0003Grand Canyon 0004Grand Canyon 0005Grand Canyon 0006Grand Canyon 0007Grand Canyon 0008Grand Canyon 0009Grand Canyon 0010Grand Canyon 0011Grand Canyon 0012Grand Canyon 0013Grand Canyon 0014Grand Canyon 0015

There are no words to describe the vastness and the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Okay, “GRAND” is one word, but the name doesn’t do it justice. In fact, even photos of the Grand Canyon, like these ones from my recent trip there, don’t do it justice. If you’ve never been, add it to your bucket list, and go there. The feeling of standing at the edge of this wonder of the world is unlike any other, and it will literally take your breath away. Enjoy.

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