Vancouver Gay Wedding Photographer

Vancouver gay wedding photographer

15 Mar Vancouver Gay Wedding Photographer

Vancouver gay wedding photographerI’m writing this post about gay wedding photography in Vancouver because I’m hoping that if you’re a gay couple in Vancouver looking for a photographer for your wedding, and you Google ‘Vancouver Same-Sex Wedding Photographer’, or ‘Gay Wedding Photographer Vancouver’, or ‘Vancouver Gay Wedding Photographer’, or something like that, you’ll find this post (and my weddings portfolio, and my couples portfolio, and the rest of my blog).

You see, I’d love to photograph a gay wedding in Vancouver.  Equal rights in our society are extremely important to me, and I’m proud to support the rights of same-sex couples to get married just like anybody else.  As a gay couple, you should be proud to be in love, and you should work with a Vancouver gay wedding photographer who respects and cares about that.  After all, what better way is there to support and grow acceptance of same-sex marriage than to photograph and display same-sex weddings?

I’m not gay, but that doesn’t matter.  I can still appreciate and capture your connection and the love you feel.  So if you’re gay and in love with your partner, I’d love to photograph you and your wedding in Vancouver (or anywhere, really).  And if you’ve found this post, I hope you’ll love my work and hire me as your photographer for your Vancouver gay wedding.

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