3 Reasons Why I Publish My Pricing

19 Mar 3 Reasons Why I Publish My Pricing


As you may have seen in my contact page, I offer a simple experience focused on you (which I call ‘Simply You.’)  So from time to time, I’ll explain a bit about how ‘Simply You.’ works.  This is the first one, and it’s all about pricing.

Many photographers (especially wedding photographers) don’t publish their detailed pricing.  Sometimes they’ll share a “starting at…” number to give you a ball park, but to get more details you generally have to contact them.  If you contact them, they’ll probably ask you lots of questions about your wedding, your budget, what you’re looking for in your wedding photography, etc.  Sometimes you get a sales pitch.  Then you get their detailed pricing.  Maybe.

Doesn’t that seem a bit complicated? 

I publish my detailed pricing right here on my website.  Here’s three reasons why: 

1.  It Saves You Time and Effort.

When you visit my website, you can check out my photography, learn what it’ll be like to work with me, and figure out roughly how much you can expect to pay when you hire me.  This way, you get all the info you need without the extra hassle of having to ask for more details or answer questions.  Pretty simple, right?

2.  Sharing is Good.

I believe that when you hire a wedding photographer, you need to build a relationship to allow them to capture your connection as a couple.  Being totally open about my pricing and my business is a big part of how I build that relationship with my clients.

3.  I’m Comfortable With My Pricing.

There are wedding photographers in Vancouver with lower prices than me.  There always will be, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  But if my ‘Simply You.’ approach is what you’re looking for, and it’s within your budget (everyone has a budget), you’ll hire me.  My pricing is right for what I offer, so I’m happy to share it.  After all, if I’m not willing to pay what I charge, how can I expect you to be?

Pretty simple, right?

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