Just Say “Yes.”

27 Feb Just Say “Yes.”

Now be honest.  You like to get your way, right?  I know I do!  So when you ask someone for help, to help you accomplish your goal, think about the answer you’re looking for.


It’s really simple, but I’m sure you’ve had experiences where it just hasn’t happened.  You’ve heard about how what you want isn’t allowed under ‘company policy’, or that what you’ve asked someone to do isn’t that person’s job, or that what you’re looking for doesn’t exist.  Even if you eventually end up getting what you were after in the first place, the whole experience was probably pretty frustrating.

But what about those glorious occasions when things just work?  When someone tells you that not only is what you want possible, but that they’ll help you get there?  Or when even if exactly what you’ve asked for isn’t possible, someone finds another solution that works for you?  These are the best experiences, the ones you remember and tell your friends about.

This is how I try to run my business.  When you hire me to photograph you, you’re paying for more than just images.  It’s my job to take care of your photography, plain and simple.  Your whole experience is simple, straightforward, and focused on giving you what you’re looking for.  Sure, there might be some things I can’t do, but there’s nothing I won’t do.  There’s a big difference, and I’ll always find a solution that works for you.

How does this sound?

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