Robyn + Sean-Mike

16 Aug Robyn + Sean-Mike

Okay, picture this:

So we’re spending a relaxing morning on the beach in Maui after Kelly + Dave’s wedding last year.  Robyn + Sean-Mike casually stroll up, set up their beach mats, sit down, and proceed to join in the relaxing.  No big deal, just another awesome morning on the beach in Hawaii, right?

Then out of nowhere, Robyn casually drops, “So…Sean-Mike asked me to marry him last night!”

Needless to say, we’re all really excited to see one of our favourite cousins get hitched this September.  We photographed their engagement session at Iona Beach on a gorgeous night in early July; they even had Guiness + Kaiya along to join in the fun!  What a pair of rascals those two are.  Thanks, Robyn + Sean-Mike!

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