Robin + Pho

13 May Robin + Pho

I must say, I’m really lucky to have such awesome clients. Now I hear you saying, “really, Andrew?” ALL your clients are awesome?” Yes, all of them. And Robin and Pho are a perfect example!

Robin liked the idea of a gritty, urban look for her and Pho’s engagement session, since their August wedding at Deer Lake Park will be more of a park setting. Engagement photos in Gastown was the perfect choice – Vancouver doesn’t get much more gritty and urban than that! We didn’t discuss wardrobe beforehand, so I was excited to see how our couple would be decked out for their session. And BAM! Jeans and black leather jackets! Outstanding wardrobe choices, Robin + Pho. What a perfect match for the location.

See? Awesome clients + awesome location = awesome photos! Enjoy!

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