zoe + sue + leah | women’s softball feature

21 Sep zoe + sue + leah | women’s softball feature

Back in July, my friend Zoe asked if I’d be interested in volunteering my time, as a non-profit group of women were looking to put together an inspirational booklet featuring female softball players from across Canada and the US.  The aim of the booklet is to promote softball to young women in schools, sports clubs, and community centres, and it will feature player profiles of 40 women.  Apparently the group received over 400 submissions from interested ladies, so it must have been a tough job to narrow it down to 40!  I’m always honoured when photography allows me to get involved in the community, and this kind of project is the type of thing I love being a part of.

Zoe, Sue, and Leah were the selected players from my area, so last week we met up in New Westminster for a photo session.  The passion these ladies have for softball was so clear while we were shooting – thanks for a great afternoon!

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